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our philosophy

Avabodha is a Sanskrit word and its meaning is contextual to the intent.

To us, Avabodha means ‘Being Awake’.

It refers to those subtle shifts in the journey when one awakens to new knowledge

or perception which manifests in one’s very being.

It is a gate into inner realms and a higher state of consiousness by making an effort to be

awake in the present moment. At Avabodha we create a safe and comforting space

for individuals who choose to take a voyage of self-exploration.


"To be an integral space for you to come home to yourself"


"To create an environment for people to reconnect with nature, with their inner selves and their loved ones.

As part of a ecosystem...

At Avabodha, we are becoming more aware each day of how we impact the larger ecosystem and

have started our journey to become conscious in every choice and act on how we contribute

towards the conservation of our planet earth.

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our founders

Avabodha is founded by this amazing mother daughter duo, Alka (right in image) & Prachi (left in image).


Avabodha is Alka’s brainchild. Being a mountain lover, Alka always wanted her dream house to be amidst nature. When in Prachi's childhood, when she went to a boarding school in Panchgani, Alka realised she had found the location where her home belonged. While travelling across the world, she would always love staying in homestays, and that's when she realised that she eventually wanted to make Avabodha a homestay and open her door to travellers, just as people had done for her during her travels.


Today, Alka handles the Operations, Management, Vendor Relationships, Staff and Interiors at Avabodha making sure it runs smoothly and efficiently. As a transformational coach and yoga practitioner herself, Alka ensures that the vibe of this place is healing and rejuvenating, enveloped in positive energy. She aims to make Avabodha a place for Leaders, Organisations and Individuals to find their direction and meet their goals and their inner strengths amidst the nature that surrounds us.


Just like her mother, Prachi loves to be close to nature. Being a water lover, the magnificent views of the Krishna River make Avabodha, Prachi's happy place! Prachi is the bridge connecting the outside world to Avabodha. With her experience as a Serial Entrepreneur and Artist, she handles Avabodha's Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Program Development, Partner Relationships and Event Management. Her artistic skills add colour to our home’s interiors. She aspires to make Avabodha a place for artists and seekers to come together, explore, and create! She also aims to make Avabodha known as one of the top homestay's in India, known for its breathtaking view and uniquely therapeutic experiences.

Together, Alka and Prachi look forward to making Avabodha the perfect space for you to come home to yourself.

“Our environment pushes us to become reactive in life rather than driving it to the destination it was designed to go...or we would like it to go. It is said that a human being’s true potential is like an iceberg. Only 15-20% is actually visible, rest is beneath the water, invisible. The depth of the iceberg is unknown.

Avabodha is a space to explore your own iceberg. Its depth and it's potential.”

-Alka Shesha, Founder

our caretakers


Kalpana Parthe is the manager and caretaker of Avabodha. Kalpana Tai been a part of our family since the inception of Avabodha. Kalpana’s ever-smiling face, positive attitude, empathetic nature and problem solving ability creates a comforting atmosphere for anyone who stays here. Her cooking is often known as one of the USP of our home.

Kalpana has also served the tenure as Sarpanch at village Gram Panchayat. Along with her, Aruna Akka manages the cleanliness of our home. She also manages the garden and the plants flourish on her love and care.

We are proud to have such a wonderful team of women help us manage Avabodha and keep alive its essence!

the dream team

Avabodha Family.JPG

Meet the dream team who was responsible making a dream turn into reality by building Avabodha.

(From Left to Right in Image) Shailesh Mule - Engineer & Contractor, Adwait Patankar - Architect, Alka Shesha - Founder and Archana Patankar - Landscape Specialist.

our partners

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Booking Partner.

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Experience Partner.

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