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Stay at Avabodha

Avabodha sits on the lap of the Sahyadri mountains, over half an acre of land overlooking the Krishna River

in the small town of Panchgani. To reach the house one needs to park their vehicle at

the parking area and then walk down a steep concrete pathway of about 150 meters, less than 5 minutes.

Since 4 wheelers cannot reach the property directly, our home is able to maintain its serenity and natural essence. 


Being amidst nature inspires us, and so in order to create the quintessential environment to feel inspired, it is our duty to sustain nature’s beauty by striving to create an eco-friendly space.

Our home is built with laterite which is a red, natural, and eco-friendly stone. Its beauty is that during the winter it tends to keep the house warm and during the summer it keeps it cool.

To align with the natural environment the structure is built as load-bearing and with the minimum usage of steel and cement. The stones are bound with a mixture of soil, sand, and cement.

Avabodha View | Villa in Panchgani

We have designed our villa in a way that each room in the house overlooks the magnificent Krishna River on the north. While the west is surrounded by lush green forest and hills, the south and east have our neighbouring community homes in Taighat Wadi. We have a porch overlooking the forest and the river where we enjoy our meals, and a huge 400 sq. ft. open terrace with a roof. Our terrace is a wonderful space to conduct group activities, practice yoga, stargaze, or convert into an art studio.

At Avabodha we believe in creating a positive, happy, and healthy environment to help

you fully enjoy and indulge in your self-exploration. ​


We have 3 rooms available along with 6 common areas

Rooms at Avabodha | Villa in Panchgani
Room 1

2 Twin Sharing Beds which can also be converted into 1 Double Bed

Rooms in Avabodha | Villa in Panchgani
Room 2

2 Twin Sharing Beds which can also be converted into 1 Double Bed

Room 1 & Room 2 share a bathroom and 2 Toilets.

Room 1 & 2 Common Shower.jpg
Room 1 & 2 Common Bathroom.jpg
Coridor basin at Avabodha.jpg

All the rooms and toilets are connected by a common passage that leads to the living room.

Room with Krishna River View at Avabodha | Villa in Panchgani
Room 3

1 Double Bedroom with an attached Bathroom

Room 3 Bathroom at Avabodha.jpg

We welcome you to feel at home in our 6 common areas including the spacious living room, dining area, porch area, outdoor lawn garden, bonfire pit, and terrace; all of which face the scenic valley.

When we say make it your home, we mean it!


Avabodha is NOT a hotel and even though we would try to make your stay as comfortable as we can, we expect you to respect the environment and help keep it clean, neat, and eco-friendly. 

To maintain hygiene, the rooms and bathrooms are cleaned everyday. Fresh bedsheets are laid with every new booking, and as an eco-friendly home, they are changed after every third night to conserve water. 

Meals & Dining

Avabodha is strictly a Vegetarian home, yet here’s what one of our Non-Vegetarian guests had to say:

“As a Non-Vegetarian, at first I was apprehensive to book my stay at this place. I can’t live without non-veg even for a week. But my wife loved the location so we booked it.

But once we got here, and I ate the food here, I told her (my wife), that if I get to eat such amazing vegetarian food, I won’t miss my Non-Veg, and I can live here even longer,

maybe even for a month! The food is that good!”

Our delicious and mouth-watering food cooked by our Chef, Kalpana Tai is one of our home’s biggest USPs. 

We have an open kitchen in the sitting area. And to relish your meals, we have a wonderful outdoor dining area with a scenic view to quench your thirst and fill your belly. 


With an aim at being self-sustainable, we grow most of our vegetables and herbs in our own garden.

Our meals are cooked using the available fresh ingredients from the garden seasonally.

We provide 3 Vegetarian Meals

Fresh Organic Breakfast at Avabodha | Villa at Panchgani
Vegetarian Lunch at Avabodha | Villa at Panchgani
Dinner at Avabodha - Fresh Letuce Salad




Tea & Coffee provided in the evening.

*Jain meals are available upon request.

Feel free to make your own tea and coffee with the kettle available in the common pantry 24/7.

Dining area with Krishna River View at Avabodha | Villa in Panchgani

As we have a dedicated space for dining, we don’t provide an in-room dining service and avoid eating in the rooms. 

We believe eating our meals together is a great way for you to bond with your family and friends and

for us to be able to serve our meals - hot and fresh!

Hence, we provide our meals to all of you together, all at once, as per our kitchen timings,

instead of serving you individually, and at different times.





Lunch at Avabodha

Lunch at Avabodha

Fresh organic food at Avabodha

Fresh organic food at Avabodha

Organic Spices

Organic Spices



Caretaker Timings

Our caretakers at Avabodha | Villa in Panchgani

Our Caretakers are available from 9 am to 10 pm

Our Amenities

Wifi Icon
No TV.png
Fresh Foods.png
No Air Conditioning.png

WIFI - Available.
TELEVISION - Not Available.

WATER FILTER - Aquagaurd for filtered water is available.
PROJECTOR - For movie nights, presentations, and art shows we can organise a projector for a home theatre set up upon prior request. *Subject to Availability.
TOILETRIES - We only provide the basic essentials: soap, shampoo, moisturizer, toilet rolls, and towel.

FIRST AID KIT - First Aid box is available with basic essential medications. In case of any other serious emergency a doctor can be reached out. 
GAMES - We love to have fun in free time, and have many indoor and a few outdoor games to indulge in including Jenga, Monopoly, Scrabble, Twister, and Badminton.
BONFIRE - We have a wonderful bonfire pit area for you to enjoy in the night. To ensure your safety the Bonfire is the responsibility of our caretaker. Hence, we will be able to provide it to you only from 7 pm - 10 pm between the caretaker's timings. Please cooperate in letting our caretakers extinguish the bonfire before they leave for the day.
The bonfire will be available only one night per booking.

INVERTER - If the electricity goes there is a backup inverter.

KETTLE - Available for usage 24/7.

Night stay in Avabodha | Villa in Panchgani

With a hot cup of Lemongrass Tea or local homemade Strawberry cream and corn patties at dusk or glass of wine, sitting around a bonfire enjoying a good musical jam session with fellow travellers, or ​enjoying the leisure of some quiet me-time with a Kaadha (organic drink), our beautiful home invites you to take this journey amidst ​the serene and charming woods of Panchgani.


Welcome home!!!

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