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Avabodha is a place to simply be!

The greatest experience of Avabodha is to experience being with yourself, your loved ones, and your team

while wrapping yourselves in the serenity of the surroundings and the sounds of nature.

There is nothing more beautiful here than listening to the chirping birds, letting your eyes follow the squirrels,

amuse at a dog chasing the monkeys from afar, watch the peacocks, and gaze at the stars.


Avabodha is a place that nurtures your right and left brain, both.

While it is the perfect place to clear your head, create goals and reflect upon your life, it also nurtures your creativity

as you sit overlooking the majestic view, read books, write, do pottery or paint or simply sit in dhyan and meditate.


We have created our home in a way that once you’re here you wouldn't feel the need to go anywhere.

But to enhance your experience at Avabodha and spend your time here, we have a vast range of

curated in-house, personalized programs, and outdoor experiences for you to explore.

From individuals to families, from friends to organizations, we have something here for everyone!

In-House Experiences

In-House Experiences

In-House Experience

Stranger Book Exchange

Stranger Book Exchange



Strawberries Farm at Avabodha

Strawberries Farm at Avabodha

Creative Experiences at Avabodha

Creative Experiences at Avabodha

Curated Programs at Avabodha

Curated Programs at Avabodha

One On One Coaching Session at Avabodha

One On One Coaching Session at Avabodha

Leaders & Corporate Workshops at Avabodha

Leaders & Corporate Workshops at Avabodha


in-house experiences

In-House Experiences

special occasion

Special Occasions

We know that celebrating special occasions and achievements is a special time in your life. 

And if you choose to come and stay at Avabodha with your family, friends, or colleagues we would be delighted

to make this occasion even more special for you.

To ensure that your special occasions are well celebrated we can also help you arrange cakes,

candle light dinners, barbeque, and theme party or honeymoon / wedding proposal decorations upon prior request. 

Custom Baked Cake at Avabodha.png
Candle Light Dinner Experience at Avabod
Late Night Barbeque Night at
Avabodha Custom Theme Party.png


Experience romance and tranquility with our exclusive Tipi Experience for couples.

Nestled on our terrace, facing the breathtaking view of the Krishna River at sunset, we provide a unique tipi experience filled with coziness and warmth.

Inclusions: Tipi Set Up, Snacks & Non-Alcoholic Beverages for 2 people.

Duration: 1-2 hours.

Cost: INR 8,500.

Also Check out our Special Couples Package with 40% DISCOUNT on Stay! 


Strangers Book Exchange
Open Books

stranger book exchange

Reading books is an all-time favorite thing to do at Avabodha.

We have a bookshelf with a few books for you to pick from, borrow, and read during your stay with us.

We also have a “Strangers Book Exchange” shelf. So if you have any books at home that you wish to give-away, as you are done reading, get them along and exchange them with books to take back home, left for you by other guests.

Local Experiences

local experiences

If you are interested in sight-seeing exploring the highlights of Panchgani and outdoor activities,

here are some local experiences we can organize for you:

Image by Omid Armin
Fresh Strawberries
devrai_art_village_3 (1).jpg

Rock Climbing / Rappelling

Trekking / Hiking

Visit Strawberry Farm

Devrai Art Village

Creative Experiences

creative experiences

Image by Sincerely Media


Looking to get away from the world, and find some peace and quiet to create your masterpiece? Then Avabodha is the quintessential space for you!

We offer a space for all artists to come and become one with your artform while reconnecting with yourself ​amidst nature.


At Avabodha, we thrive to learn and evolve the artist within. ​We offer workshops in Pottery, Photography, Culinary Art, and Music, conducted by experts in their individual fields, for every artist seeking knowledge and growth in these art forms. Join us, align with the inner artist amidst serenity.


Everyone has an artist within. If you've spent your entire life without exploring that inner artist, then it's time to indulge in art like a child. We have created that comfortable space for you to explore your inner artist amidst nature while being absolutely free of all inhibitions and in tune with yourself while holidaying!

Image by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Art


Artists should bring their own art materials.

For Seekers, material requirements during workshops defer course to course.

For Explorers, we provide basic art tools including, paper and pen, drawing sheets, art walls, colours, books, etc.



We have the perfect open-air studio space terrace with an area of approx 400 sq. ft. 

This space can be converted into the perfect meditation room or art and dance studio.

We can conduct workshops, have jam sessions, stargaze or have corporate programs here.

Curated Programs


At Avabodha, we are thrilled to provide both curated and personalized programs for individuals, families and teams!

4-Day Yoga Program
Image by JD  Mason

4-Day Yoga Program

Image by Joseph V M

Culinary Art Workshop

Artist Painting

Residency programs

Open Call for Artists!

Dates and details for the next Residency Program will be announced in July 2023.

Residency Programs
One-On-One Coaching

one-on-one coaching

Alka Shesha - Founder of Avabodha

One-On-One online and offline Coaching Sessions with Transformational Coach

Alka Shesha (PCC), Founder at Avabodha

If you or anyone in your organization is on a quest to conquer, this session will help you find your direction, resolve dilemmas, work towards better relationships, and plan your goals by helping you seek answers hidden within yourself.

Session Benefits:

Developing authentic leadership through

Developing authentic leadership

through coaching engagements

Striving for alignment between the inner

Striving for alignment between the inner and outer worlds

Exploring behaviours, emotions, values a

Exploring behaviours, emotions,

values and beliefs

Building cohesive, aligned and effective

Building cohesive, aligned and

effective leadership teams

Achieving Work - Life Balance

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Minimum: 6 sessions

Duration: 1 hour each

Leaders & Corporate Programs at Avabodha | Homestay in Panchgani

leaders & corporates

To check out our experience offerings for corporates and leaders click below:

Leaders & Corporate
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