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Avabodha - true to its name, has helped me rediscover my battered, abused, ignored and neglected sensory faculties. The sounds of the woods, the sights of the lake and the valley, the glimpse of the magnificent Sahyadri, the endearing long lost vintage fresh air that invigorates not only the body but also the mind and spirit are all a standing testimony to the name of this abode. This place is not a typical bungalow or a villa on a hill station. It's an experience. It's a living entity communicating with the keen observer at every corner of the house. Be it the electrical switches, the jars in the kitchen, the clock, the architecture, the stonework, the woodwork… the attention to details is so intense that the visitor feels welcome at each and every moment and turn of the house. Avabodha envelopes one, the way he would want to be cradled and held in the Almighty's embrace. It infuses life. It's a place where you'd want to spend as much time as life permits. 

- Jitin

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