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For leaders & corporates

"We believe that an authentic leader first learns to lead oneself before

leading others and seek oneself before seeking others.”

Download 4 Day Leadership Basic Course Residency Program

Most organizations have a yearly review, future planning, budgeting in their calendar along with an appraisal process. Getting away from distractions and taking out some ‘ME’ time or space away from the office along with your core team or w the other decision-makers is a wonderful way to fulfill the purpose of self-reflection and review!

Developing authentic leadership through

Developing authentic leadership

through coaching engagements

Striving for alignment between the inner

Striving for alignment between the inner and outer worlds

Exploring behaviours, emotions, values a

Exploring behaviors, emotions,

values and beliefs

Building cohesive, aligned and effective

Building cohesive, aligned and

effective leadership teams

Achieving Work - Life Balance

Achieving Work-Life Balance

avabodha offers three types of services in

the leadership retreat space -


Re-create your story (Come as an individual to reflect, re-align and re-create)


Conversations for collaboration (Come as a functional team to have conversations that will bring you closer as people and bond without external stimuli) 


Purpose with a passion (For SMEs or small organizations driven by a core founding team. Come to review your past, plan your future or simply rejuvenate in the present.)

our place is the perfect space for -

  • Senior Management Getaway

  • CxO Family Getaway

  • Leadership Retreat

  • Strategic Meets of Board

  • Core Team Offsite


In-house offerings

Here’s what we can organize for you, all you need to do is inform us which services you would like to avail upon booking your stay -

  • One on One Coaching Sessions with our Founder & Transformational Coach (PCC), Alka Shesha

  • Team Building Games

  • Workshops in Photography and different Art Forms.

  • Yoga Sessions

  • Leadership Training through Yoga Philosophy

  • Other Experiential Learning Activities

arrangements and facilities Available - 


White Board

Travel Arrangements

For more information, click to download our Corporate Deck!!!

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