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Avabodha panchgani

Perched upon a mountain in Panchgani, overlooking the Krishna River,

Avabodha, an extraordinary abode awaits you.

‘Avabodha’ meaning ‘Awakening’, is the perfect place for you to reconnect & realign with your inner self and your relationships amidst these serene landscapes. 


3 Bedroom Villa



Vegetarian Meals




River Facing View

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river facing villa in panchgani

“Thank you Alka for giving me four wonderful days of my life, ever spent.

I felt as if I was staying in HIS (gods) abode. For the first time in my life I heard silence - loudly and clearly.

The mountains, the river, the valley, the blue sky & the golden sunrise... all in all a wonderful experience.

To say that the food was good and the service of Kalpana & Anil was superb, would be an understatement.

Thank you, SaffronStays Avabodha.” 

- R.M Rao

places to visit for bird watching


Come, take a visual tour through photographs potraying unforgettable memories!

Come and experience living in the wild at Avabodha! 

Our homestay is an eco-friendly place, where nature nurtures us. Surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of the forest and the mountains embracing the Krishna River, sitting beneath a million stars,

our home is a favourite to all water and mountain lovers. 


At Avabodha, we do not allow pets, as we do not domesticate animals. We have plenty of wild friends like peacocks, deer's, monkeys and giant squirrels that surround our home and have become a part of our family.

We also feed the Peacocks, our beautiful national bird, who visit us every day.

Our home is a favourite amongst bird watchers. 


With an aim at becoming self-sustainable, we grow our own vegetables and use a solar heater.

We believe in giving back gratitude and love to nature, as it embraces us in its lap!


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